Professionals & Executives

I have a preference for staying private about these kinds of personal improvement journeys because I want my colleagues and clients to think it’s effortless but it’s not. I found Andrea by Googling around for accent training. Obviously no accent is ‘wrong’ – but I had trouble being heard sometimes, and often didn’t speak clearly. I needed to learn to project more and avoid bad habits that impacted intelligibility when I spoke publicly and in meetings. Andrea helped me do just that. And we had fun doing it!
— Anonymous, New York Times Executive

Andrea is a world-class talent in teaching people how to communicate clearly, to use their voice to convey powerful ideas, and to give people confidence when presenting to audiences with widely varying backgrounds. The whole experience of working with Andrea was fantastic for me. She really listened to my talk, figured out adjustments to make the material I was presenting and the way I was presenting it more accessible, and also more fun and personable for the audience.
— Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow (one of two at Google: the highest ranking technical role at the company)

It was such a delight working with Andrea on our TED Talk. There’s no way it would’ve been half as good without her! We’ve not done much public speaking, especially to an audience of that size and calibre. She not only gave use really useful guidance and direction but she gave us the confidence to deliver.
— John MacInnes of MacInnes Scott, Virtual Reality Innovators

Although I do an enormous amount of public speaking each year, I had never had the opportunity to work with a voice coach before, and I was surprised by how many valuable insights I gained from Andrea. Working with Andrea was a fantastic learning experience.
— Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College

Actors & Performers

Intuitive, intelligent, deep, poised, empathetic, wise, passionate, completely present. If only all teachers were as invested in their students and in their work as Andrea is. She is an incredibly gifted woman who generously shares her wide range of knowledge and experience. She has a rare talent for both listening and communicating with an open heart and mind. Andrea is able to masterfully break her lessons down on an intellectual level and creates a safe, nurturing environment for her students to creatively explore to their full potential. Thank you, Andrea. You inspire.
— Sepideh Moafi, Notorious (ABC); David Simon's The Deuce (HBO 2017); UC Irvine MFA 2013


Andrea is not only a great friend and a great colleague; she’s a miraculous teacher and one of the kindest human beings I know.
— Alexandra Billings, Golden Globe Winner, Star of Transparent

Andrea is a straightforward and caring teacher that treats her students as collaborators and colleagues. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with her.
— Lucas Calhoun, "The Elephant Man" on Broadway and the West End

“Andrea Caban has taken Voice and Speech work to another level. Not only is she a compassionate and qualified teacher with years of experience, she is also a healer.”
— Kyra Zagorsky, Travelers (Netflix); Supernatural (The CW); Helix (SyFy)

People Living with ALS

I have been diagnosed with a neurological condition and have been working with Andrea on my breathing issues. Using unconventional methods, Andrea has developed a custom-tailored, hands on treatment for my respiratory health. She consistently thinks outside of the box and creates a very comfortable environment. Working with Andrea has been very helpful in maintaining my ability to breathe properly and maintain a high quality of life. I would highly recommend Andrea for anyone who has a neurological or breathing condition in which they need assistance in maintaining proper breathing.
— Michael Baer, Landscape Designer & Master Gardener / CEO, GreenTree Landscaping

My bulbar symptoms began well before the ALS diagnosis. I was having trouble articulating certain sounds and I no longer felt the breath support I had long relied upon for singing. I found Andrea and she immediately set to work strengthening my breathing muscles and helping me develop a new “vocal posture,” which restored my ability to articulate the sounds I had lost. When I finally found out what was wrong with me, I was speaking easily with a “new” voice and registering within normal ranges on pulmonary function tests.

A year since my diagnosis, I continue to work with Andrea. While my limbs have weakened appreciably, I am still speaking well and my pulmonary scores have not changed – except occasionally to exceed the original scores. Even the speech pathologist at my ALS clinic has commented how fortunate I was to get out ahead of the disease.

It is very comforting to me to be able to communicate with my family and friends. Moreover, the work Andrea and I do together gives me a sense of “control” over this devastating illness. With ALS research under the thumb of Big Pharma and the doctors offering nothing but palliative care, it is beyond valuable to have so skillful a person to turn to for real help in preserving the ability to speak and breath.
— Terry Fiset, Retired Trial Lawyer & Performer

Last week was my scheduled visit to the ALS Clinic and I was curious as to how my new voice and breathing would be accepted. Well, right away my spirometry score improved!
— Dagmar Munn, ALS & Wellness Blog