Recent studies have shown that vocal communication is the #1 Quality of Life issue for people living with ALS. In response to this need, Andrea has developed a system of voice, speech, and accent training that may help some people living with ALS. To test her approach, she is currently conducting clinical research with the ALS Clinic at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Andrea’s approach may help you prolong the ability to speak without the use of assistive technology for as long as possible. And that will surely improve your quality of life during this trying time. 

The Living Speech Series

If you’re interested in alternative breath, speech, and accent work that can supplement but not replace the work you’re doing with your physician, SLP and respiratory therapist, Andrea has created this video series for you.  

Learn how to:

  • breathe for optimal vocal use

  • explore unexpected dexterity in the tongue and lips

  • modify your accent so you can continue to speak professionally and personally without assistive technology for as long as possible.

**Note that some of the exercises in The Living Speech Series may require a helping hand of a loved one.

Andrea is also available for non-medical private coaching. Contact her here to set up an appointment. 

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Watch the video below to learn all about
The Living Speech Video Series:

Disclaimer: Professor Caban is not a physician, speech-language pathologist or any other type of medical professional. Her work is not meant to diagnose or treat disorders of breathing, voice or speech. Professor Caban is a Certified Fitzmaurice Voicework® teacher and a Designated Master Teacher/Certified Knight-Thompson Speech™ teacher, both within the creative arts field. If you purchase Professor Caban’s videos or retain her for private or group coaching services, you are entering into a creative partnership where she will offer her breath, voice and accent services. Her work is not meant to replace medical care. Please consult with your physician, SLP, and respiratory therapist before starting this or any other breath/voice exercise program or accent modification program.

Andrea has developed a custom-tailored, hands on treatment for my respiratory health. She consistently thinks outside of the box and creates a very comfortable environment. I would highly recommend Andrea for anyone who has a neurological or breathing condition in which they need assistance in maintaining proper breathing. 
— Michael Baer, Landscape Designer & Master Gardener CEO, GreenTree Landscaping
A year since my diagnosis, I continue to work with Andrea. While my limbs have weakened appreciably, I am still speaking well and my pulmonary scores have not changed – except occasionally to exceed the original scores. It is beyond valuable to have so skillful a person to turn to for real help in preserving the ability to speak and breathe.
— Terry Fiset, Retired Trial Lawyer and Performer