Andrea's Story

Hi, thanks for visiting. I’m a solo artist, teacher, and researcher. I’m interested in helping actors gain more vocal freedom and accent choices. I’m interested in helping people with ALS prolong the ability to speak without the use of assistive technology for as long as possible. I’m interested in crystalizing my experiences/research into scholarly and layperson reflections. And I’m interested in performing! 

I’ve won some awards, I’ve travelled around the world speaking and performing, I run a very enlightened speechwork organization (Knight-Thompson Speechwork), and I’m head of Voice and Speech at CSU Long Beach. You can read my professional history page for the details. But my real skill is in listening and speaking to the person or people in front of me. 

If that’s one person, lovely, let’s figure out together what’s right for you. If that’s a theatre audience on the dark side of the room who have come to see me perform one of my solo plays, I’m honored to share my story with you. And if that’s a conference room full of executives interested in a new way of communicating, I’m thrilled to demonstrate that what I do can work for you. 
I live in Southern California and on days I’m not working, I’m hiking with my husband or reading in my backyard with my dog Sophie afoot.