Individual Coaching

Executive Presence Work, Accent Modification or Communication Design: Andrea works with professionals from a variety of fields and language backgrounds. Yes, this included Public Speaking skills, but it’s much more than that! You want your audience (in the board room, on the phone or in the Dolby Theatre when you give your TED talk to thousands) to focus on your message, not the way you sound. Train your breath to support you, even under conditions of stress. And train your muscles of articulation, your ears, your eyes, and your brain to attain greater dexterity in your speech and more confidence in your delivery. Andrea is available for private coaching in person and via Zoom. Contact Andrea for rate information and to request an appointment.

Group Workshops

Andrea can travel to your business or conduct Zoom workshops for 1–3 day trainings on the skills of intelligibility for non-native speakers of English. Contact Andrea for rate information and to tailor a workshop that fits your business needs.

Andrea is a world-class talent in teaching people how to communicate clearly, to use their voice to convey powerful ideas, and to give people confidence when presenting to audiences with widely varying backgrounds. The whole experience of working with Andrea was fantastic for me. She really listened to my talk, figured out adjustments to make the material I was presenting and the way I was presenting it more accessible, and also more fun and personable for the audience.”
— Jeff Dean, Google Senior Fellow (one of two at Google: the highest ranking technical role at the company)
It was such a delight working with Andrea on our TED Talk. There’s no way it would’ve been half as good without her! We’ve not done much public speaking, especially to an audience of that size and calibre. She not only gave use really useful guidance and direction but she gave us the confidence to deliver.”
— John MacInnes of MacInnes Scott, Virtual Reality Innovators
Although I do an enormous amount of public speaking each year, I had never had the opportunity to work with a voice coach before, and I was surprised by how many valuable insights I gained from Andrea. Working with Andrea was a fantastic learning experience.”
— Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College